“It’s the hero’s journey. The journey to understand oneself”

Iman is both an artist and one of the most talented Pop/R&B songwriters in the industry. His EP, entitled ‘We’ve Met Before’, peaked at #3 on the iTunes R&B charts under his former artist name, Mateo. The single, “How Good is Your Love”, peaked at #6 on BET’s 106 and Park.  His most recent self-titled EP, ‘Iman’, was featured and recieved rave reviews by Highsnobiety and GayTimes magazine while also being featured on such Spotify playlists as Study Break, Anti Pop, and Out Now. His single, “Technicolor”, was selected for Hulu‘s 2020 Fall Line-Up Campaign. 


Iman has also written songs for artists including Rihanna (“Desperado”), Alicia Keys, and has had several song placements on the hit TV show, Empire. Most recently, he wrote on DJDS’ “No Pain” featuring Khalid, Charlie Wilson and Charlotte Day Wilson.


Raised in Cincinnati, OH amongst a musical family, Iman always knew he had the gift of melody, which he showcases on his soon to be released single, “Social Distance.”  He embarks on a musical journey that embodies the tenants of his name Iman, meaning "Faith.” “It’s the hero’s journey. The journey to understand oneself,” he says. “The revelation of how complete and whole I’ve always been, even when I forgot it.” His music and lyrics tell the artists' story of self-love, acceptance, redemption, and transcendence. And there is no doubt that this is the beginning of this eternally rising star.


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